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[Post Game Thread] The Philadelphia 76ers (17-7) defeat the Brooklyn Nets (14-11) 124-108 behind 33 points by Joel Embiid




[–][SAS] Tim Duncan rattatatouille 16 指標 1小時前

Embiid still hasn't scored below 30 in a while.


[–]_BoitheBoi_ 13 指標 39 分鐘前

This wasn't even close to Joel's best game this season and yet he still dropped 33 and 9. Really speaks to how good he's been this season. Clearly the MVP frontrunner


[–]76ers mp455 5 指標 15 分前

Another great performance for Joel in his MVP race. But ofc the dick sucking of empty stats Jokic and his MVP case will be in full effect despite taking all these Ls.


[–]76ers _BoitheBoi_ 27 指標 1小時前*

What a game from Simmons. Was relentless attacking the rim, passing was great per usual, played extremely good defense (especially in the 3rd quarter when Doc put him on Harden). If he keeps this up I really think we have a good chance at the Finals.


[–]Lord LucasSixers 6 指標 1小時前

This was an easy win with no KD and Kyrie, but after what I saw from the game against the Lakers, I know this team is legit. We definitely going to the finals!


[–]76ers JoshGordons_burner 3 指標 39 分鐘前

I am confused, sometimes, with Ben. I feel like if he played with the same offensive mentality (I’m hesitant to say intensity because obviously he’s bringing it every possession) he’d easily get himself 30. Why doesn’t he?


[–]76ers Awalewei 4 指標 13 分鐘前

because he believes trying to bring his teammates into the game is a better choice and gives his team a higher chance of winning


[–]76ers Varolyn 18 指標 1小時前

While he's a pass first guard generally, he's actually improved in his aggressiveness over the past few games. It seems that whenever the Sixers need a spark on offense after a draught, Simmons appears to be willing to take matters in his own hands, and blitz to the rim for a bucket.

If that's his playstyle, I think it will benefit the Sixers greatly in the long run.



[–]Varolyn93 指標 1小時前

Simmons might be the most underrated player in the NBA. He's the guy who gives the offense it's rhythm and pace and yet so many people on r/nba think he's some scrub now lol.



[–]76ers zmose 237 指標 1小時前*

Nets pulled their starters WAAAYYY too early. A 13 point game with 4 minutes left is plenty of time and we've given up more in less time.

As soon as Doc made the move to put Ben Simmons on Harden, this game went from tied to a 20+ point lead.

Ben Simmons good.



[–]76ers DELCO-PHILLY-BOYMVPiid 15 指標 1小時前

Satisfied with this performance. Gives me confidence that we could beat them at full strength.


[–][BRK] Caris LeVert MolingHard 78 指標 1小時前

Seems like the first half was testing out how good Green would be on Harden because Simmons would have to guard KD, and Green looked uhhh okay.


[–]Foreing Redditor 39 指標 1小時前

A rotation of Green and Thybull should be good enough for James. The problem is who the fucks guards Kyrie


[–]76ers Quantum_Specter 14 指標 1小時前

It’s going to have to be Tobias.


[–]76ers NotJoeyWheeler 15 指標 1小時前

I’m almost tempted to put Tobias on KD. KD’s amazing but Tobias is a good defender, and KD isn’t blazing past people this year, he’s just an unreal shooter. He’s gonna get his, I’d rather Ben on Harden who he can more seriously affect than I think he will KD.


[–]76ers Immynimmy 7 指標 1小時前

Tobias guards stronger 4s better than quicker ones. He should be on Durant. Simmons on Harden.


[–]sjekky 63 指標 1小時前

Sixers vs Nets pre-Harden trade without KD and Kyrie: 0-1

Sixers vs Nets post-Harden trade without KD and Kyrie: 1-0

Nets got worse. Caris LeVert better than James Harden




[–]MCtheArchitect12 指標 1小時前

They’re bench does look awful now


[–]76ers seebegee 39 指標 1小時前

Sixers went on a 14-0 run after the danny green technical


[–]jazzy_fizz 23 指標 1小時前

Loved DG talking shit to the Nets bench after those back to back 3s haha


[–]throwaway_5256 7 指標 1小時前

Maybe some GM will only look at Shamet's box score from tonight and offer to trade for him lol



[–]Nets Pengos Mangos 3 指標 1小時前

No Harden in the 4th and then not bringing the starters back in when there were 6 minutes left and down 14. Definitely not what most coaches would do in the modern nba


[–]76ers DomDomRevolution 61 指標 1小時前

The Nets decision to just give up is almost as confusing as Docs decision to put Ben and Joel back in in a blow out


[–]DrewB2400 30 指標 1小時前

I'm fine with the Ben decision. Gotta get some practice with him at the 5.

Don't understand Embiid.


[–]seebegee 3 指標 1小時前

With the amount of times we've blown a big league I'm not mad we kept the starters in


[–]Nets OberaelKevin Durant 3 指標 1小時前

I've been defending Nash lately but tonight has me wondering what he's thinking now, too. :/


[–]Nets tomremixed 12 指標 1小時前

Not sure why people think it's that baffling? 2 starters out, DJ got hurt, and lot of minutes for Harden and Harris the night before. A lot of outside factors on this.


[–]Nets deLEONoxys 19 指標 1小時前



[–]NetsZaxiiSarah Kustok 9 指標 1小時前

He has Steve Nash's nudes. I can't find any other justification


[–]Nets Shir0_Czar Mike Fratello 14 指標 1小時前

3rd quarter Steve Nash has got to be the worst. Please don’t turn into MDA jr.


[–]Sir-Manny 11 指標 1小時前

He already is MDA Jr.


[–]Nets _dim1 8 指標 1小時前

I think this team needs like a Nick Nurse type of coach.. we play with such low energy, and continue to make the same mistakes every game.. defensive mistakes and dumb turnovers. Seems like Nash is too soft to hold his players accountable.



[–]Nets Parsnip-Independent [分數隱藏] 11 分鐘前

Nash got in on name value and career accolades, plus his familiarity with KD gave him the edge. It's too late now, we're riding with him this season and if we get embarrassed in the playoffs then he's gone.


[–]Nets _dim1 2 指標 1小時前

Nash isn’t gonna be coach next season if he can’t get this team to at least the conference finals. Shouldn’t have hired a rookie coach..



[–]BelonyInMyLeftPocket 7 指標 1小時前

Well be in the playoffs. All that matters.

Regular season is just noise.



[–]Nets Ghosthost13 6 指標 1小時前

Wasn’t expecting a win but it was nice for us to stay relatively competitive with Philly for that game


[–]Sir-Manny 8 指標 1小時前

Seeding still matters. We should try to avoid the Raptors and the Heat, if they make a run. We’ll beat them but they can easily steal games.


[–]Nets GroovySandals 124 指標 1小時前

Playoffs are definitely gonna be interesting this year. Can KD, Kyrie, and Harden counter the fact that we literally can’t defend against any team in the NBA? Wild ride incoming.


[–]Nets Bigbadbuck 9 指標 1小時前

Losing Durant makes our defense a lot worse.


[–]ReuzelPinkSmellsGood9 指標 1小時前

Post Achilles tear Durant is your best defender, I'd wince every time he has to defend the rim


[–]PCarrollRunballon1 26 指標 1小時前

You have so many shooters. I’d trade Harris and Spencer and see what you can get.


[–]76ers NotJoeyWheeler 27 指標 1小時前

Dinwiddie’s got no value, he’s out for the year and can be a free agent in the offseason

I do think they should trade for Nerlens Noel though, would give their defense a significant bump and he shouldn’t be hard to acquire



[–]Zaxii Sarah Kustok 4 指標 1小時前

how did Pelle do?


[–]Nets BelonyInMyLeftPocket 7 指標 1小時前

Energetic off the bat. Nice defensive presence but is clearly rusty. As long as he keeps the fouls down he deserves minutes


[–]parisjavaJarrett Allen 5 指標 1小時前

He's always been a foul machine.


[–]zachzxJoe Harris 12 指標 1小時前

Pelle 9 minutes 6 fouls. Friendly reminder that a guy in free agency 1/4th of the way into the season is there for a reason.


[–]Nets O_J_Shrimpson 3 指標 1小時前

Yeah. Every Sixers fan said he can’t stay in a game because he fouls out so quickly. Then he did just that. Really don’t think that’s a coincidence.


[–]76ers Varolyn 5 指標 1小時前

He's ok if you need some rim protection for a few quick minutes... but he shouldn't be played anymore than like 8 mins and he played to 17 for you guys tonight lol.

As a Sixers fan, good luck if you're gonna play that guy extended minutes and as the secondary center behind Jordan.



[–]76ers PBC_Kenzinger 3 指標 1小時前

 I was so intrigued with Pelle at first. Very athletic and thunderous shot blocker. But the man would foul out every night if he got regular rotation minutes. He’s not an NBA player.


[–]zachzxJoe Harris 4 指標 1小時前

Having 32 year old DeAndre Jordan and Pelle as your 2 centers is the definition of a black pill. Games vs Embiid, Jokic, Vucevic will continue to trouble us.


[–]76ers Varolyn 65 指標 1小時前

Norvel Pelle may get shat on for this game but he is pretty good at what he does. He can reject any guard's fancy layup and change how players take their shots.

Problem is, as we saw tonight, if he's given anything more than 10 minutes, he's a liability. Fouls way too much, and brings nothing on offense.








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